Dairy Compost Utilization


Previous studies conducted by TIAER demonstrated that excessive applications of manure to waste application fields in proximity of the dairy farms located within the North Bosque and Leon River Watersheds contributed to water quality impairments in the basin. As a result, an innovative multi-agency, multi-program approach was initiated to improve the water quality in these watersheds.

Dairy Manure Export Support

The Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board (TSSWCB) provided incentives to transport manure from dairies in the North Bosque and Leon River Watersheds to local compost facilities through a project called the Dairy Manure Export Support.

Composted Manure Incentive Project

Through the Composted Manure Incentive Project, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) provided incentives for to state-funded public entities such as cities or the Texas Department of Transportation to purchase composted dairy manure from approved compost facilities in the North Bosque and Leon River Watersheds.

Dairy Compost Utilization Project

To expand knowledge about compost use and production, the TCEQ provided a grant to the Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI) and Texas Cooperative Extension (TCE) to assist compost producers in the production of consistent quality compost and to demonstrate and educate the public about the proper use of dairy manure compost.

The Dairy Compost Utilization Project worked to build sustainable markets for composted dairy manure by identifying and linking the needs of public entities with the composting industry. The Project began in July 2002 and was completed in April 2006. This site serves as a repository for all project activities, reports (final report) and outcomes.

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Read the project overview and scope of work or contact the project administrator, Cecilia Wagner at cecilia@tamu.edu.

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