Dairy Compost Utilization

Palo Pinto County Demonstration

Contact Information:
Mr. Scott Mauney
(940) 659-1228

Location: Santo High School football field, Hwy 4, Santo, Texas

Composter: Organic Residual Reclamation


Compost @ 108 cubic yards per acre followed with Inorganic Nitrogen @ .5 lb rate
Aerification took place after compost was applied


Compost was applied as a topdress material to the Santo High School football field at a rate of 108 cubic yards per acre using the TurfTiger® spreading unit. Inorganic Nitrogen at a rate of 0.5 lb per acre was also applied to supplement nitrogen requirements of the turf. Following both applications, the field was mechanically aerified to help incorporate material and benefit soil physical properties.


Visual evaluations concluded that density and amount of grass across the field increased. Grass texture was also softer than in years before.

Compost Analysis:

% % % % % % ppm ppm ppm ppm % % umhos/cm
1.235 0.3127 0.6140 5.3589 0.4070 0.2763 124.63 4447 53.68 220.1 169.9 29.9 8.1 1778
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