Dairy Compost Utilization

Erath County Demonstration

Contact Information:
(254) 965-1460

Location: Lovell Lawn and Landscape container media study

Treatments 1 (Rep 3 times):

  1. 100 percent general potting mix (bark mulch)
  2. 100 percent BoviniteTM (high organic matter material)
  3. 100 percent dairy compost


Although no statistical data was collected from the initial study, Lovell Lawn and Landscape personnel noted the following observations. Treatment 2 and 3 were both improvements over the more traditional potting mix used previously. Further, the plants did not stress as much and water requirements were reduced considerably. In conclusion, the high organic matter material, treatment 2, provided the plants with faster growth.

Lovell Lawn and Landscape plan to utilize the material again on a trial basis this fall and have stated they will definitely use the product in the future.

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